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Breathe, Energise, Realise & Release…Free the Mind, Body & Soul


About Paul 





Paul is a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher, inspired after greatly benefitting from yoga on many levels, from supporting success in his own sporting goals to overcoming chronic back issues. Wishing to share his knowledge and passion for yoga with the wider community. 



Paul creates an environment allowing you to have a greater mindful connection with the breath, body, and mind. Opening the body up for improved mobility, strength, self-awareness, movement, recovery, injury prevention, and mental performance.

Paul’s experience comes through in his calm, welcoming, and challenging nature, looking to support your own personal yoga journey and enjoy some lovely surprises along the way.


Paul loves sharing his passion for yoga & breath, whilst also enjoying exploring fine cuisine, tennis, triathlon, open water swimming, and the great outdoors.


201808 Sivananda London.JPG
201803 Sivananda Satsung Sully Meditatin
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Searching for a solid foundation, a moment of stillness 

“Yoga is about creating your own space, enhancing the flow of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.”


Online Yoga

Improve performance,

Injury recovery or prevention,

Change mind & body awareness

Small Groups

Schedule a private online lesson starting from £70/hr

or £60/hr (Block of 6)


1:2:1, Group session
& Events

Flexible options for all incorporating Yoga & Mindfulness


"Swimming and Yoga go together it's all about alignment,

breath, energy, realise and release.

With yoga discover a new take on life through conscious breath control, self-awareness, engage the body, mind and soul."



"I have attended multiple private yoga classes with Paul. Each time, Paul goes over and beyond to create a class that is tailored to my needs. I found that Paul’s classes have not only helped me to improve my practice but his guidance has also helped me to remain centred and focused. If you are looking for a tailored experience that will help you improve your practice and focus in life, I have no hesitation to recommend Paul!!" by Neil
"Training for an Ironman, I felt I needed something to counterbalance the stresses placed by the daily grind of training and find a way to restore the body both physically and mentally.
Having only done a handful of yoga sessions before, I was introduced to Paul through my triathlon coach who raved about him.
So I took the chance and jumped at the opportunity and never looked back.
Paul is simply a brilliant yoga instructor and guru. His knowledge, openness, enthusiasm, easy-going nature and his deep passion for yoga are infectious. He teaches yoga in a way that makes you listen to, respect and be grateful for what your body can do.
Equally, he listens to your feedback and tailors each session to your needs based on how you're feeling on the day and how your training has gone so that each session is bespoke for your needs.  As well, Paul recognises that we all need to work to our own (current) limitations and to how the body is feeling on the day; and he is always eager to help correct the postures and find the right alignment and space in the body in order to build solid foundations before progressing. 
Training with Paul has been such a great complement to my triathlon training; I have noticed a difference in my day-to-day training and I've also become so much more aware of how my body moves and feels and I am loving it! 
I can't wait to continue my yoga journey with Paul and am excited to see what he has in store for me next!" by CT 
"I highly recommend Paul Sullivan as a yoga instructor. I regularly train at the gym, however, have not done much yoga before. Paul was able to guide me through all the poses, providing instruction where I needed it to achieve the correct positions (well as correct as I could for my first session!).
We spent a bit of time on understanding the importance of breath, which was really useful and helped me to focus on my breathing throughout the class.
Paul has a really calm temperament which also ensured there was a relaxed vibe throughout the class. I have been to some other sessions where I struggled to get into the correct positions, however, Paul tailored the class well to my beginner level.
I would definitely go again!" by Beth
"Having watched Paul practice yoga for years, I was very excited and privileged to be instructed by him. He has a way of making you feel instantly at ease and relaxed. His teaching is calming and soothing for the soul and in-line with each individuals ability. He has lived and breathed yoga for years and this shows in the enthusiasm he has for imparting knowledge onto others. His enjoyment of practicing yoga is infectious as is his wicked sense of humour! I definitely recommend Paul as the perfect beginner / inter-mediate instructor! I’m sure he is great in advanced classes as well, but I’m unable to comment as that’s beyond my level." by Deri

Paul Sullivan - Aspiring Yogi & Life Enthusiast 

Please contact for further information  

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@Yoga for Life Breath 

London, W3 7NB

+447737 880 922

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